OCSSteel® provides a variety of light-gauge steel framing services, to include single-source design assist, fabrication, and installation.

OCSSteel® partners with owners, architects, and engineers in the pre-fabrication and design process. At heart, we are builders with a long history and passion for light-gauge steel construction. We couple our extensive field experience with tested procedures and technology to work successfully with design teams. We can assist with projects that are in just about any stage of design or development. Our systems were conceived with adaptability in mind – this means that design teams can work with light-gauge steel as they always have, and we can adapt our systems to fully support their designs.
Using cutting-edge integration of design software, roll forming machinery, and assembly technologies, OCSSteel® offers the most complete fabrication solution in the industry. We control all of these processes and services – all in-house – so changes, rework, and/or repairs are quick and cost-effective.
OCSSteel® carefully trains and qualifies all in-house installation personnel. We guarantee that industry-best quality and speed are maintained on all projects. Because we single-source this critical aspect of successful projects, clients can rest assured that the rare project issues will be solved quickly, efficiently, and with streamlined communications. The finger-pointing and delays associated with multiple sub-contractors simply do not exist.
OCSSteel® has combined elements of both fabrication and installation technologies to create some truly unique and incredibly fast interior framing solutions. Our interior systems expertise covers the entire project spectrum from paper blueprints to full BIM design integration. We harness the full advantages of our expert installers and our design and fabrication technologies to establish new standards of productivity in the industry.
OCSSteel® wall panel, truss, and interior framing solutions are rooted in BIM software technologies. We can fully participate in projects where BIM is in play. In addition, when design teams are working with 3D CAD, 2D CAD or pencil drawings, we will build our own BIM environment for the construction of your project. This simplifies coordination and communication, and can facilitate the participation of other trades in accommodating as many systems as possible in the construction space.
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